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from October 29th to November 29th, 2019

80 rue de Turenne, 75003 - Paris

Senegalese-French artist born in 1985 in Faitick, Alioune Diagne is the creator of the figuro-abstro artistic movement. Initiated in 2013, after a painful personal event, this artistic movement allowed Alioune Diagne to express his emotions on the canvas, mixing them with highly identifiable subjects that are important to him.

"Build a figurative image from abstract elements. 

This is the aim of the figuro-abstro".


It is by seeking how to freely express his emotions that Alioune Diagne understands that he must emancipate himself from the detail. He then discovers the liberating creative power of abstract form and color. Even though he is a calm and responsible person, he needs to keep control over his creation. The control of the gesture and spontaneity then combine at the heart of the form and create an image. In order to pass on a message, he has to be able to bring it to life. The figuro being what structures, it is the abstro, in its spontaneity, that gives life. 


Color is intended to be the pure expression of Alioune Diagne's emotion at the time of creation. He treats it in a completely free way: thoughtless choice, mechanical display, anarchic juxtaposition, appearance, covering. . . Just like emotions, colour is alive in Alioune Diagne's works. Revealed, camouflaged, structured by forms, it inhabits, illuminates and makes each of his paintings vibrate. The signs that compose the canvases, nourished by colours and unconsciously written, construct and deconstruct the image, call for an emotion, reveal a face or a look when we move away, and make it disappear as soon as we get closer. No vacuum is tolerated. What seems empty is nothing more than a space, a necessary breath. The saturation of elements on some works forces Alioune Diagne to free up spaces on others. He is always looking for a break in order to keep a certain control. Getting away from his work, taking a step back is essential to allow him to move forward without being overwhelmed.


The colours of the background, like the shape of the image, are enhanced by the work of the signs and the colour on the surface. The painting is multidimensional, which gives it this incredible depth and life. The different dimensions thus created are reflected in the plural reading that can be made of the work. Each of the stages of realization determines a level of reading of the finished work. 


Through his works, Alioune Diagne shows History, the reality of behaviour, the innocence of children, what they learn and what they experience. The free dimension of his practice allows him to create deeply personal works, sometimes even autobiographical. It is easy to see the works for which he is heavily emotionally involved. Others will be more spontaneous, researched in the visual and material effects that serve the subject and allow him to appropriate it. As a sensitive and perfectionist artist, Alioune Diagne alternates between highly emotional works and works of pictorial and plastic research.


Anyway, we always find an important part of him in his paintings. His past, and that of Africa, is what helps him to transcribe his emotions on the board, it serves as a basis for his representation. He connects to his own path, to the people who have populated and are populating his life to transmit his emotions and messages. He considers his unconscious signs as a universal language that tells the stories and characters he paints. Thus, thanks to his art, Alioune Diagne recounts himself, recounts his country, describes what he sees, what he feels and allows the viewer to tell  all of this to himself, according to his own PERCEPTIONS. 


This exhibition, which has long been requested by all those who follow the evolution of his work, provides an opportunity to experience Alioune Diagne's work. It is essential to face his canvases in order to grasp the finesse of their composition.

With  the support of We Art Partners

Supported by the Republic of Senegal and its Embassy in France

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