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Alioune Diagne was born in Senegal in 1985. He is an artist whose work is anchored in his culture and that has a distinctive visual identity. His great creativity dates back to his childhood, but his admission to the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dakar in 2008 decisively guided him towards an artistic career.


2013 was a decisive year for Diagne who then created his own mode of expression: the “figuro-abstro” style. He started depicting figurative scenes using abstract signs painted in bright tones. These signs make up both the backdrop of the paintings and the inside of the figures. To Diagne, they are unconscious motifs that convey meaning and emotions. With this new kind of language, a unique relationship is established with the viewer. The latter must be physically involved in the process, move around or squeeze their eyes in order to reconstruct the image.


The Senegalese painter is interested in several themes that he gathers together in “collections”. Women on Senegalese market squares, the modou-modou - African immigrant workers - the groups of children you come across in the street. These are all inspiring themes for him.

His works of art convey a vibrant and aesthetic vision of Senegalese’s daily life but also of the African diaspora.
His social commitment is perceptible in his work that encourages us to question central issues such as ecology, the place of women in society and racism.

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