Born in Senegal in 1985, Alioune Diagne is an artist with a powerful visual identity. He has been passionate about drawing since childhood, and his admission to the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar in 2008 only accentuated his predisposition.


The year 2013 is a turning point for Diagne who creates his own means of expression: the figuro-abstro. From then on, his works are composed of abstract signs rendered in luminous tones. These signs, which occupy both the background of the canvas and the interior of the figures, are for the artist unconscious motifs that translate emotion. Through this new language, Alioune Diagne initiates a unique relationship with the viewer, who is obliged to move and squint in order to see the subject revealed to him.


The painter is attracted by numerous themes that he groups together in "collections": he can be inspired by women on the markets in Senegal, by modou-modou, or by groups of children that he meets in the street. His works offer an aesthetic and emotional image of daily life, particularly in Africa, which the viewer must decipher. His art is also committed, as he wishes to encourage people to question crucial issues such as ecology, the place of women, racism or the notions of heritage and roots.

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